As a serious competitor it is important to remember the three most significant parts of your competition day. A) Warm up and preparation. B) Cool downs between races. C) Recovery.

A big part of effective recovery at the end of a competition day is Hydrotherapy.

By doing the recovery session properly will help you complete your day of competition and better prepare you physically and psychologically for the following day’s competition or training.

How hot and cold hydrotherapy works?

In simple terms when you immerse yourself in the cold water the muscle shrinks and squeezes the lactic acid out of the muscle and into the blood stream. As you warm up in the hot shower the muscle expands and fills up with new blood. As you repeat the shrinkage and expansion of the muscles in the hot and cold water the lactic acid is removed from the muscles into the blood stream and cleansed by the liver.

By continuing to rehydrate with water or isotonic fluid before, during and after the hydrotherapy lactic acid will be quickly flushed from the body when you next visit the bathroom.

What is your Recovery process?

As soon as you can after your last event start your recovery. That is to do your normal routine of hard easy efforts as soon as possible after you event to flush out the initial buildup of lactic acid from the muscles and then go to your recovery area off the beach. Try and do your recoveries in a group and or with you coach as it is a good time to debrief and share your race stories.

1) Start with slow static stretches of arms, legs, back and torso for 15 – 20 minutes and remember to Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.
2) Hot and Cold Water.

If you don’t have an ice bath use hot and cold water shower.

 Hot 35-38CCold 10-16C 
Shower1-2 min10-30 secRepeat x 4
Spa/Bath3-4 min30-60 secRepeat x 4

Shower and rehydrate to finish. (You should finish with a quick cold shower)

Do not use if you have a cold or virus or recent soft tissue injury.

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