Psychological Resources

Here are some psychological resources that you may like to try in your competition preparation or training to improve your race day performance.


How do we recreate emotions that may occur during race day or the race?

  • Recreate the environment during training.
  • Control what we can and see what happens.
  • Mind and body psychology.
  • Recreate the ‘A Game’.
  • Separate practice time from technical time.

Recreate the race day routine for training.

  • Use the 5 P’s method of preparation. Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.
  • Know what time training starts and start on time, know what you are doing for your session, prepare for you session with food and hydration.
  • Pressurise the training session i.e. work at the specified HR and Times on the training program, time trials. The time for fun is after training.
  • Efficient breathing before, during and after each training effort to maintain coherence.
  • Recover properly in mind and body. Hydrotherapy, massage, yoga, relaxation and visualization.

It’s all about the training program.

  • Make sure you have a structured periodized training program.
  • If you don’t have one how can you achieve your goals?
  • Who will help you to prepare your mind and body and what will it cost you?
  • Toughen up princess?
    • In the heat of completion it hurts so recreate that experience during training when required in mind and body.
    • Bring training and competition closer together by simulating potential aspects of competition in training.

Psychological approach for consistency.

  • What has worked before with your ‘A’ Game plan?
  • Learn to recreate emotions through focusing on thoughts and behaviors.
  • Visualize your perfect race plan from start to finish.

Allow training sessions to improve the technical aspects of your event.

  • Biomechanically for you technique and muscle development.
  • Psychologically for you race plan and tactics.
  • Physiologically for your body development, preparation and recovery.

I have written this overview with a surf sports perspective from notes taken from a presentation given by AIS Sprint Kayak Sport Psychologist Andrea Furst in Canberra February 2010.

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