Recovery Cooldown Between Events

This is a specific recovery to help you the athlete recover after your event, help disburse the lactic acid build up in your muscles and at the same time help your body prepare for the next race.

If you don’t have time to do the full 5 minutes on the water then do part of it and include a short run with a few fast sprints. That is 20 easy paces @ 50% of MHR and 10 fast paces @ 90% of MHR and repeat x 6

1) Put some food and drink near the finish line so you can start your recovery as soon as you have finished your race so you don’t have to go back to the club tent. Eat and drink while the judges sort out your placing’s.

2) As soon as you can leave the finishing area get on your craft or into the water and start your recovery.

3) Easy paddle from the beach. Repeat this x 4 times.

20 seconds – (20 strokes) Hard near race pace 80% MHR.

30 seconds – (30 strokes) Easy @ 50% MHR.

Easy paddle back to the beach.

4) Return to your tent, Eat, Hydrate, Relax and prepare for your next race.

Remember just because other athletes don’t do it doesn’t mean it is wrong. You want the advantage not them.

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