Sport Science Pre-Travel & Competition Information

TIME CHANGE – takes one day to shift body clock 1 hour, so start shift wake and bedtimes prior to travelling


  • Melatonin, from chemist, improves REM sleep cycle, 1 hr prior to bed
  • Valerian, herbal sleep inducing 30 mins prior to bed
  • Alcohol- induces sleep, but spend too much time in deep sleep not REM cycle

NUMBER ONE RECOVERY is adequate sleep (good quality)


  • dehydrates -need approx. 100-200ml in flight
  • Germs (recirculated air & confined space)
  • keep hydrated (carbohydrates helps increase saliva) best drink weak cordial ie. 10ml cordial per 1litre water
  • Foods assist health defence
  • Lollies, chewing gum
  • Nasal spray- Fess or Vicks First defence both at chemist


  • Need carbohydrate and protein (Leucine in milk assists with protein absorption)
  • Mixture of short, medium and long energy release foods eg; quick release energy-cocoa pops or rice bubbles okay as rice and milk
  • medium release energy – wholemeal breads and other complex cereals (muesli)
  • long release energy – fruits and pasta
  • need to know how much and how long you can eat prior to competing as everyone different


  • 5-10mins low intensity
  • Slow and correct technique aids brain patterning (if you don’t do it correctly in warm up patterning brain and won’t do it properly in race
  • 4-6 high intensity efforts (helps cut out spine block)
  • stretching between high intensity efforts, hold stretch 5secs (helps find any muscle problems e.g.; tightness) flexibility is gained at special stretch sessions & post exercise
  • imagery – image doing the movement verses doing the movement
  • checking conditions -looking for strategy

Consecutive days have an abbreviated warm up and use imagery.


  • Rest when not competing – conserve energy
  • keep food and drinks close (again conserving energy)
  • ORGANISATION- keep equipment close to arena and together (know where it is)


  • if it’s cold keep warm or hot keep cool
  • warm up to increase muscle temp to ultimate functioning temp,
  • if muscle reach 40 degrees will STOP working as body shuts down
  • hence cool down post exercise- ice baths or in ocean for 10 mins (not in place where rip or current as need to conserve energy)
  • slushies are a great cool down device as cool and sweet


  • TAP WATER best in most parts of the world (most mineral waters have additive that makes you thirsty- sneaky)
  • make sure you are hydrated day before and morning of comp use gateraid, poweraid etc, but high in sugar & electrolytes but best to use half strength sports drink + 7-8 jelly beans + high protein bar
  • another sports drink option cheap and made at home- weak cordial, muscleze (magnesium supplement form chemist health or food shop), and tap water
  • Find out more about hydration


  • creatine -must be taken with glucose, increases regeneration ATP, taken between sets
  • Beta alanine -on it for 4 weeks and off for 4 weeks- careful usage as fatigue debt build up
  • HMB -between sessions, decrease muscle breakdown and increases muscle size (need to be taken correctly and effects are NOT proven and may cause organ damage if used incorrectly. They do not replace good nutrition.)
  • Beetroot juice -relaxes blood vessels and increases perfusion, thus lowering Blood pressure
  • Find out more on nutritian


  • Cold therapy – for higher muscle damage sports e.g. Great for contact sport and hard on the body sports, such as rugby, footy
  • Cold/hot therapy- for less muscle damage sports, 5mins rotations, start with cold and finish with cold restore hydration and nutrition

Find out more on recovery

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