Coaching Philosophy

Rick Duncan’s coaching philosophy is to develop a potential athlete into being competent and competitive athlete, fostering positive and organized lifestyle principles that are respectful of fellow athletes, competitors and club mates.…

Understanding Training Heart Rates

Have you been asked by your coach to do a training effort at 50%, 70% or at Anaerobic Threshold? In reply have you asked the question, how do I know if I am training at that intensity or how do…

Sport Science Pre-Travel & Competition Information

TIME CHANGE – takes one day to shift body clock 1 hour, so start shift wake and bedtimes prior to travelling Medications Melatonin, from chemist, improves REM sleep cycle, 1 hr prior to bed Valerian, herbal sleep inducing 30 mins…

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From my first stroke all those years ago to the moment I achieved a lifelong dream in Egypt
Rick Duncan has been there every step of the way.

Dan Humble
World surf ski champion