Advanced and Elite Athlete Craft Program.

Below is an overview of information and a sample training plan and weekly session plan.

This small sample of information and the attention to detail is what is required to establish a good working relationship between you as an Advanced and or Elite Athlete and Rick Duncan Academy.

It’s all about communication and teamwork.

  • Determine the ability of the individual.
  • Define what the minor and major goals are for the year.
  • What is your purpose and commitment to the program?
  • Create a training plan with predetermined training phases.
  • Create a weekly training timetable that works for you the athlete.
  • Integrate gym, cross training and recovery into their overall training plan and weekly timetables.
  • Spend time creating and writing good weekly training sessions.
  • Determine the KPI’s for you the athlete.
  • Enjoy what you are doing.


What you receive to enhance your performance.

  • Block periodised training plan for ski, board or iron competition.
  • (Competitive age u/19 – Open / Masters)
  • 8 Sessions per week – include 4 x intervals on water, 1 x Iron transition, 1 x run session,
  • 2 x gym.
  • Not including swim sessions.
  • 45 week yearly training plan.
  • 45 x 8 individual training sessions.
  • Weekly sessions downloadable.

With our online portal you also have access to

  • Training tips.
  • Video links.
  • Technique skill.
  • Weight training integration.
  • Athlete management program.
  • Training accountability monitoring program with RDA.
Part samples of a Yearly Training Plan and weekly session plan.


Part samples of a Yearly Training Plan and weekly session plan.
Part samples of a Yearly Training Plan and weekly session plan.

We have regular sessions to analyse my programme and results.
Thanks to Rick I developed from a national athlete to an international athlete.

Maia Garner
British Champion

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