Establish and implement Athlete Management and Accountability training plans and programs for surf lifesaving open and youth high performance athletes who are preparing for the highest level of competition in their sport as a representative of their national team in any given years.

Initial consultation overview.

  1. Initially outline the Athlete Management and Accountability program to management so they have full understanding of the program and allow time for program enhancement before implementation.
  2. Team management procedures are in place for athletes and coaches to further benefit from the training program after the high performance squad athletes have been identified and notified.


Athlete Management and Accountability topic headings to be discussed and implemented as part of the training plan and programs.


  • Implement specific yearly training plan with competitions and training phases.
  • Implement training session time tables for athlete management.
  • Athlete management and coordination of training programs for High Performance individuals with coaches internal and external of the country.
  • Athlete management and coordination of training programs for High Performance individuals without coaches.


  • Training heart rates and training knowledge.
  • Skill and technique improvement on craft.
  • Strength and conditioning.
  • Psychological development and competition conditioning.
  • Diet and nutrition.
  • Improvement measurements and training KPI’s.
  • Time management for training sessions.

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